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Category: Life

euggghh i wnt a new fone so badd i juzt wanna take pikturez of myself n shit. my ma siad i culd get 1 in like a week or 2 ill probably get an ifone but tbh i rlly want like a silvr flip phone theyre litraly so kewl oh me gosh wtf xddd » Continue Reading

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old writing

Category: Writing and Poetry

i found some old writing in 1 of my journals, i have no memory of writing it but its obviously in my shit hand writing. I think it was supposed 2 be a poem but idk. 9/08/2022 a star that shined so bright but could always be brighter died out because it realized that being in the dark is better than seeing its own mistakes It describes me rn pretty well so i just think its odd tht i found it after ... » Continue Reading

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adam and eve and the story of snow white

Category: Religion and Philosophy

Ive been thinking abt this for a while now and i just wanna share it. I think the connections between adam and eve and snow white are creepy, its kinda like parallels. Snow white and eve, adam and prince charming, the evil queen and satan/the serpent, the seven dwarves maybe as the seven deadly sins or seven virtues, and i like to think of the huntsman and the king as god. In snow white the evil q... » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

my paranoia always fucks with me and usually thats a bad thing (cuz of seein weird shadows, bringing unessary things with me just incase,hearing odd noises, etc) but it litterally helped me so much 2 day. Im always paranoid that my clothes will rip so i bring a sewing kit w me everywhere and 2day at skewl my pants ripped and u could see my fucking ass. Thankfully  i was able 2 sew it in the bathro... » Continue Reading

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