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adam and eve and the story of snow white

Ive been thinking abt this for a while now and i just wanna share it. I think the connections between adam and eve and snow white are creepy, its kinda like parallels. Snow white and eve, adam and prince charming, the evil queen and satan/the serpent, the seven dwarves maybe as the seven deadly sins or seven virtues, and i like to think of the huntsman and the king as god. In snow white the evil queen didn't like snow white and so she tried to kill, poison her. The devil didnt like humans because he thought he was above them and so he betrayed god. The evil queen betrayed her husband the king by trying to kill his daughter because she was prettier. The huntsman warned snow white about the queens intentions same way god had told eve not to eat fruit of the tree. She left and was faced with the seven dwarves which couldve been symbolism for the entities who tried to warn her or trick her. Finally there was the evil stepmother who turned into a witch like how the devil turned into a snake and poisoned her with an apple. The prince charming released the poison by kissing her and sharing the poison. Like how adam took a bite from the apple eve shared with him. This theory is a bit of a stretch but its a really interesting coincidence. I just think its odd that these two stories have so much in common.

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