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"in the sixth act of the storyline in my dream."

planning something big for my future.

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Life lately.

Category: Life

How my life is going currently in the form of a popular copypasta meme. "I'm telling you now, I have plans that I cannot share with you right now because the haters will sabotage me." I'm gonna evaluate on the rest later me so sleepy rn zzzzzzzzz. » Continue Reading

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Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

haven't created a blog in a while cause of life gettin in my way, also a bunch of stress happening. I've been feeling and going through a bunch of odd things throughout the absence, a lot of weird dreams kinda religious too. I feel like something's gonna happen I just don't know when it could be happening now and I can't tell. take care of yourselves everyone. -rai » Continue Reading

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turned in a little essay for a scholarship

Category: Jobs, Work, Careers

i feel like applying for scholarships like the elf scholarship essay was very calming for me cuz like i was going through a headache trying to settle the aftermath of dropping from classes and dealing with a financial aid issue cuz dropping all them classes affected it and im sooooooo friggin worried if i cant get anymore financial aid and like i barely even started college and im already messing ... » Continue Reading

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spring cleaning timeeeee =D

Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

gonna clean the house up a bit again idk why but wait lol actually i do know why i realllllllyyyy like how it feels after you tidy stuff up like its so rewarding and makes your brain feel rested and stuffffff i might wanna do sum yoga or somethinnnn like thatttt afterwards >_ < yaeyyyyyyy  » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

hello i have not been on spacehey for a while reasons due to laptop going kerplunk and then the internet went kerplunk also school and stress and life in general just needed to point this out but a short lived relationship of mine has been ended last night in an unfortunate way too and just serving as a reminder to all getting in hookups turned to relationships oh please please please dont let you... » Continue Reading

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ouchyyyyyyy ^~^

Category: Life

i went to the doctor and got my shots then went home the end my arms feel like hell rn  ;[ » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

how do i customize my layout i get you are supposed to code but into where i feel so lost tbh » Continue Reading

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ima stay up a lil bit might get caught lol

Category: Life

gonna play sum roblox rn am bored maybe i might spark some story and lore ideas. » Continue Reading

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