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useless skills

Category: Life

If youre reading this, I wanna know your useless skill(s). Mine is that i can imitate burger king foot lettuce guy and carl wheezer, which is surprising since their voices are complete opposites. » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

Anyone else just get random ass destrusctive impulses? Like the urge to just break shit. Like if im doing the dishes ill be holding a plate and just have the over whelming urge to just smash that shit. Or cut sum with the knives or just break an egg in my hand while cooking. » Continue Reading

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System of a down

Category: Music

I am trying to get more people to listen to SOAD as it is one of my favorite metal bands. They are aternative/ nu metal and are somewhat similar to slipknot in their heavier songs. They were one of my first metal bands i listened to so ive been listening to them for a long time. If you want heavier songs listen to: jet pilot, deer dance, psycho, bounce, shimmy, needles, science, prison song, war?,... » Continue Reading

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What to expect

Category: Blogging

If your are reading this i just want to make it clear i am using blogs to convey random or recurring thoughts and ideas since i usually cant just say this stuff to people  » Continue Reading

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Category: Romance and Relationships

Relationships are a different experience. Relationships solve a lot of my problems but come with their own stresses and worries. Although i like being in relationships and the pros heavily outweigh the cons, its still not some magic cure all. This is NOT a gripe about my current relationship simply a commentary on relationships in general » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

I keep fucking chugging monster like a dumbass knowing im gonna get hyper. » Continue Reading

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Chinese food

Category: Food and Restaurants

I dont care if you like chinese food but all it tastes like is spice and sesame oil. » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

I feel like shit and I'm tired all the time. » Continue Reading

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