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I’m scared sometimes pt.2

Category: Life

I turned 17 now. Im no longer the age I romanticized and dreamed of being forever. Being 16 was a lot of fun and I miss it so much. I miss being Able to say I’m 16, or 15, or 14. I miss being younger than 17. I thought that after a while my fear of growing up will ease when I Turned 17 (I turned 17, 19 days ago.) but it has affected my life sooo much that I can’t stomach food and I’m constantly cr... » Continue Reading

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im scared sometimes

Category: Life

As someone who's birthday is coming up, I'm scared for my future. I'm barely turning 17 but I can already feel the dread of soon becoming an adult. I thought things would come easy to me. I have no car (I haven't even tried to learn how to drive) and I don't have a job. My best friend is 14 and she is already learning how to drive and giving out resumes for jobs. Shes so much more prepared for lif... » Continue Reading

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Category: SpaceHey

x transphobes x x pro-lifers x x racists x x DSMP fans x x toxic danganronpa fans x x toxic heart stopper fans x x homophobes x x anyone under 15 x (you will be blocked) » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

Life can be so strange. Despite it all being so stressful lately there is so many moments in between those hard times that make it worth it to live. I don’t think about my appearance or my hardships, I think about the fun I had. If it wasn’t for those people in my life I’m not sure how far I could go or if I would still be here. If you are ever having a hard time remember that there are people in ... » Continue Reading

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My life feels like shit (vent post)

Category: Life

trigger warning: mental illness For someone who has been struggling with mental illness for the majority of my life i thought i was doing a lot better...until I wasn't. I've been bullied this entire school year (in middle school as well but it was never as bad as this) but i never really let it get to me. This entire year i was doing pretty good. and then suddenly a wave of depression has hit me a... » Continue Reading

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