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Daily kitten post!

Category: Pets and Animals

I hope everyone on here had a great day! I did :D Anyway, here’s todays daily kitten post!!  » Continue Reading

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Does anyone have an ACTIVE discord server I can join?

Category: Friends

I’m seriously bored and looking to make new friends! If you’ve got a server/are in a good one add me and lemme know your username!  » Continue Reading

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SpaceHey is so cool and unique?!?

Category: Blogging

Just got an account today with SpaceHey after seeing someone talking about it on TikTok.  Best decision I've ever made. It's not exactly bursting with people like other social media platforms, but everything about it just keeps surprising me!! There's blogs to strike up conversations with random people and maybe make some friends, bulletins, groups, a place to browse, and even a seperate catagory ... » Continue Reading

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Is it just me that's almost always nervous at school?

Category: School, College, University

Sometimes I'm okay around my friends but like-- At school P.E is like a chore to me. I can't stand playing with or against people I don't know very well since I always mess up if I think someone is watching me. About the only class that I'm not at least the slightest bit nervous in is English.. is it just me that feels like this? It's not that I don't enjoy being around people it's more the fear o... » Continue Reading

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