Is it just me that's almost always nervous at school?

Sometimes I'm okay around my friends but like--

At school P.E is like a chore to me. I can't stand playing with or against people I don't know very well since I always mess up if I think someone is watching me. About the only class that I'm not at least the slightest bit nervous in is English.. is it just me that feels like this? It's not that I don't enjoy being around people it's more the fear of embarrassing myself T^T

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Jay Chan

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No fr this is me in math I’m always anxious:((

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Me too!

I always get so anxious at school and if one singular thing happens that I feel like messed me up, I start to feel like I'm on the brink of a panic attack! ;-;

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Honestly same T^T

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Same thing! But it has reduced because I realized if I messed up nobody will be thinking much of it!

And also with my open-mindedness practice! It's fine to make mistakes, nobody would really care about a mistake you did.

Learning from your mistakes makes you improve! And how to be okay with looking "stupid" or being okay with making a mistake!

I get quite nervous lmao! What I personally do is take a break to get my mental mindset straight and maybe cry a bit. T_T
Crying is a way for your body to make you feel better so over time I am getting less and less embarrassed to cry because it sometimes just helps to let you try your best!

Hopefully this helps you! Good luck!

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Thank you! I always try to think about how people likely don't care half as much about what I'm doing as they think I do, so that helps me a bit ! And I have been getting better with it so that's good. Thank you!!

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