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Category: Life

obviously if you believe in evolution than you know that humans evolved up from apes (i watered that down tremendously but you get the point)  if we evolved to the point we are at today, will there be another major event some time in the future (in the way an asteroid took out the dino's) that causes humans to adapt to their environment in a whole new way and therefore evolve into a somewhat new f... » Continue Reading

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Category: Art and Photography

how do photographers know what camera they wanna use? do they just guess?? now you may be thinking: kade, you have to know what kind of pictures you wanna take.  no. my mind changes every 8 seconds and that's simply not possible sooooo what should i be looking for  i know i probably want a DSLR with a faster shutter speed but like ugh theres too many options  someone who knows what they're doing p... » Continue Reading

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book recs!!!!¡¡¡¡¡¡

Category: Books and Stories

PLEASE okay i need to get back into reading since im pretty sure ive melted my brain so PLS PLS PLS drop any book recs you can think of (love anything psychological/horror/thriller :o)  » Continue Reading

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Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

the only thing that sustains me through sundays is the anticipation and ultimate joy i feel clicking on deuxmoi's instagram story and clicking through every single sunday sighting. » Continue Reading

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