how do photographers know what camera they wanna use? do they just guess?? now you may be thinking: kade, you have to know what kind of pictures you wanna take. 


my mind changes every 8 seconds and that's simply not possible sooooo what should i be looking for 

i know i probably want a DSLR with a faster shutter speed but like ugh theres too many options 

someone who knows what they're doing pls help :c

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it's literally all on the fps, size of the pictures, flash, etc. when it comes to lenses then you look them up to your preference tbh. It's all on how you want your pics to look. High quality, low quality; being able to take pics in the dark; motion blur or no motion blur; etc.

PLUS there's editing apps so choosing a camera shouldnt be too hard since you're gonna be editing anyways.

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although, I'd recommend fujifilm, they have great beginner cameras and mostly affordable

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thank you so much!!! this was genuinely extremely helpful

by kade<3; ; Report

you're welcome!! I thought it'd be too confusing but I'm glad it wasn't :]

by Yanini; ; Report

not at all!! i’m taking a digital media class rn but honestly it’s all going in one ear and out the other. what u said made total sense in my brain :)

by kade<3; ; Report

Aw I'm glad! I took a photography class in art school so they taught us about that and my teacher recommended me some options, in them it was fujifilm and canon but she also said that phones are the same these days so if you can't afford one rn you could definitely make it up with your phone

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i like ur big boi PFP

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thank yew

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