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Other forums actually kinda active?

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

Lookin for forums that are actually active. Like those old internet forums before the Reddit monopoly on forums. If you know about any that are actually active comment if you want » Continue Reading

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Webcore fans?

Category: Music

I guess I'm putting this in the music section? Idrk where else to put it. Ik webcore is a genre (kind of??) but it's also kinda just an aesthetic. Anyway here on spacehey I figured I'd find a lot of people who share an affinity for this aesthetic/genre. Anytime I hear it, I feel like hopping on here or like idfk starting a website or something. It just gets me in that internet vibe where you're no... » Continue Reading

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Stop acting like you personally know anyone you're a fan of

Category: Life

I think people should really stop, as the title says, acting like they know anyone they're a fan of. There's a 99% chance you've never had an actually conversation with anyone you're a fan of. The person might seem cool enough from what you've seen of them but you still have no idea who they are as a person. Think of bill Cosby - in fact, I might start calling this the bill Cosby effect. Bill Cosb... » Continue Reading

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