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Stop acting like you personally know anyone you're a fan of

I think people should really stop, as the title says, acting like they know anyone they're a fan of. There's a 99% chance you've never had an actually conversation with anyone you're a fan of. The person might seem cool enough from what you've seen of them but you still have no idea who they are as a person. Think of bill Cosby - in fact, I might start calling this the bill Cosby effect.

Bill Cosby was, at one time, liked by everyone, based on nothing but the fact that he was funny on tv. Bill Cosby is now probably one of the most hated people in the western world, for reasons we need not discuss.

Surely you see what I'm getting at here. It's the same with Ellen degeneres. Seems like a nice enough person on tv, but in the last few years, it's become common knowledge that she's a bitch backstage. I don't care how much you love Markiplier or Beyonce or whoever, be a fan of what they create, not some deluded idea of who they are. They could be a terrible person behind the scenes, or just not be someone you'd like in general. They might seem like a cool person but if you really got a chance to speak with them in an informal setting for a while, there's a good chance you wouldn't like them. Even if you've heard that they're a cool person, that doesn't mean you'll get along with them. Everyone's met that one person who everyone else likes but you just don't like at all. And vice versa.

There's just no way of really knowing. Always be skeptical of the people who create things that you're a fan of. They're just people like anyone else and, be honest with yourself, you don't know them. They're a stranger. You hardly know them more than a random ass dude down the street. No one should be taking it personally when someone insults their favorite YouTuber or something.

This should be reason enough not to attach yourself to your idols, but in case you need more reason not to gush about how much you apparently "love" your favorite twitch streamer, just look at the thousands and thousands of cases of people that had tons of fans who THOUGHT they loved the person, and then it turned out that that person was a shitty human being who groomed a 12 year old or some horrifying shit.

I personally am a fan of Jerma985 on twitch, and while he's probably a cool guy and everything, and I'd like to be able to say "man I love jerma" I just can't. I love his content but who the fuck knows how he is IRL. I could meet him and get to know him and then turns out I think he's a total douche.

Anyways. Rant over, thank you for reading to the one person (or non-existent person!) who willingly took time out of their life to read this shit. Gonna start getting my thoughts out there with this, might migrate to a busier platform and post on there as well as here. Who knows. We'll see.

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aea 💗

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this !! i completely agree with you, when i say "man i love (insert artist here)" that usually means i like their music and their persona, but like who tf even is that? i don't know who that is and i probably never will. some fans are just so delusional acting like they know their idols on a personal level and jumping to defend them even if that person is really just fucked up ://

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Yeah celebrity worship is a disease, and when someone is that loved by a big enough fanbase, that can make it all the more difficult for someone potentially getting abused (or someone who's gotten abused) by that person to speak out about it. All because of people developing emotional connections with people they've never spoken a word to

by fairyboots; ; Report

like the entire callmecarson thing, so many of his fans were in denial and saying that there's no way he did it

by aea 💗; ; Report