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Getting sick and tired of polotics

Category: Blogging

Ok,so YES I realized that politics is important to some degree. After all, it's important to have someone in office who is going to best represent your interests. I also realize this is a political year so things are going to get a little crazy. But it just seems to me that the division, arguing, and fighting is getting to such an extreme point, where I am just getting so tired of it. I try my bes... » Continue Reading

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Making SM fun again.

Category: Blogging

For the past few months, I've been working on toning down my social media presence. That's not to say I m quitting altogether. Rather, I have just gotten tired of the giant SM sites like IG, FB, and YT, and I am leaning more towards more private and smaller sites. Now, some have said that it will be harder for my content to get noticed. And to that I say, I've never been one who requires a stead f... » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

Another rainy crappy Sunday in my area. We are stuck in a weather pattern of nice during the week, and crappy on the weekends. The struggle is real.🙄  » Continue Reading

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New video up on YB

Category: Music

New video posted up on YouTube today!! 💖 » Continue Reading

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Happy Valentine's Day 💖

Category: Life

Love is the melody that serenades our souls, the dance of two hearts entwined in the symphony of eternity. Happy Valentine's Day 💖 » Continue Reading

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New Years Resolutions Can Be Kept...

Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

3 years ago, I made a goal to dedicate the 1st hour of each day to God, prayer, and Bible reading. And today marks my 3rd year of going all the way through multiple versions of the entire Bible cover to cover. Tomorrow I start year 4. See...Resolutions can be kept. 😁✝️🙏💖 » Continue Reading

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