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stamps ive made

Category: Art and Photography

you dont need to credit me by rhe way. feel free to request more in the comments » Continue Reading

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my homestuck graphics collection (WIP)

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

hi welcome to my thingamajig where i will be adding homestuck pixels and such . i get these from  here ,  here ,  here , and some other places hopefully this is helpful, you can add these to your profile with this code: none of these are owned by me godtier pixels        icons (my ass was NOT uploading all of these to file garden) text   character pixels                           » Continue Reading

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John: Squawk like an imbecile and shit on your desk.

Category: Writing and Poetry

This is the dumbest idea you've had in weeks!!! STUPID STUPID STUPID. And yet the polished surface of your desk... It beckons. » Continue Reading

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Category: Web, HTML, Tech

the highlighted text can be changed to any image url » Continue Reading

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ponystuck images i found on roblox

Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

ummmm i could not find sollux. so here is the psiioniic instead because somehow he was there but not sollux THERES NO JOHN PONYSTUCK ON THE ROBLOX MARKETPLACE ????? EXCUSE ME. well i mean thres the trickster one i guess i can use that only trickster rose. sighhhh peregrine mendicant » Continue Reading

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room tour!

Category: Life

my desk :3 and then these guys! closeup on alphys and undyne my VERY very messy bed sonic and the jeanbag and the posters! » Continue Reading

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