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Intro to me :3

Category: Friends

My online name is Oliver and I am an American minor (17) who can only speak English. I prefer to use tone tags and have people use tone tags with me because I am not good at reading tone through the screen and have responded poorly to people because of it before. I can also be awkward in conversations or slow to respond, I'm sorry in advance. Anyone can DM me if they want to, I never mind :3  » Continue Reading

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This tree house my brain keeps telling me about

Category: Life

I don't know what my brain is doing but for the past week or two it keeps bringing up this fucking tree house and I can see it so vividly. And this would be fine if my brain would attach emotions to it like it's supposed to be a memory. I can't find the words to describe it right now but it comes in and out of how vivd it is??? I don't know what that means and I have never seen this place before!!... » Continue Reading

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Websights i like X3

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

( I'm going to sort/edit/add stuff to it later so this is NOT the end result :3 ) Everskies » Continue Reading

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Bioshock 1

Category: Games

I think the idea that Jack Ryan is like 4 is really funny because that insinuates that he would probably not understand the concept of children taking like 16 years to get to the height they are the rest of their lives personally. It also makes it that he could read and swim as practicly a toddler. » Continue Reading

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