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Intro to me :3

My online name is Oliver and I am an American minor (17) who can only speak English. I prefer to use tone tags and have people use tone tags with me because I am not good at reading tone through the screen and have responded poorly to people because of it before. I can also be awkward in conversations or slow to respond, I'm sorry in advance. Anyone can DM me if they want to, I never mind :3 

My Pronouns page

(Note- I can also be quick to block people! It's online, not a real conversation, so say whatever you want, I'm not going to stop you, freedom of speech and all. But if I think you interact with others in a mean way or are on my DNI list I will block you.)

My likes are -

☆ Angels  

☆ Writing

☆ Needy-streamer-overload 



 Anime ( Madoka Magica , )

 Welcome Home (the original, no hate to the au's tho) 


 Reading wikis 

 a horror movie/game every once in a while 

☆ Flowers/Nature 

My dislikes are -

Crowds, Yelling, Hight's,

My DNI -

The basics do not interreact (i.e Zoophiles, Maps, Homophobes ... you get the picture )

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