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Another Cool Website I found

Category: Music

So I was surfing the web earlier, and I discovered a website called EveryNoise. It's essentially a website that contains every microgenre of music you can possibly think of. A big portion of those microgenres are music from other countries (hell, even other cities), which makes sense since music is a big part of culture. Each microgenre has its own Spotify playlist of 100 songs so you can get a fe... » Continue Reading

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Not taking friend requests from minors

Category: Blogging

If I unfriended you a while back, it is because I no longer feel comfortable being friends with minors. I started this account when I was a minor myself, and now that I'm 18 I would rather be friends with adults. » Continue Reading

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Cool Website I Found Recently

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

Recently, I was browsing a directory of old websites posted on the 'Reclaiming The Internet' group, and I stumbled upon Watching Grass Grow, which is a website where you can watch grass grow 24/7. It started in 2005, and is still active to this day. It even added a bird cam to watch a bird's nest. The Website » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

I am starting College this September, and the residence is full, so I am going to live in student housing for the school year. I have already found a place and I am in the process of claiming it as mine. I have never moved before, so it will be an experience. I have started packing on Sunday, and will gradually pack more and more til September. » Continue Reading

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Learning HTML

Category: Blogging

Fuckingg Coding I'm currently learning HTML (and also CSS) in Grade 11 Comp. Sci. I thought I would write this entry using HTML, because why the fuck not. I only know the basics so far, but if I learn enough I many be able to make a custom layout for my page. I think this is pretty fun, so if my desired career doesn't work out like I hope it does I at least have something good to fall back on. Lif... » Continue Reading

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I dyed my hair

Category: Blogging

It was blonde, but now it's a pink/purple split dye. Yes, this was done on a complete impulse. » Continue Reading

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Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

Saw No Way Home in theatres last week. It was really good. My family and I were late since we forgot our vaccine certificates, but we only missed the commercials. We snuck candy into the theatre, because the snacks were expensive, but in the vaccine passport debacle, I left a chocolate bar at home. It was still perfectly good, so I gave it to a girl I like (along with a chocolate rose) a few days ... » Continue Reading

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New here, lol

Category: Blogging

Not a lot else to say except that I don't want adults interacting with me. It's uncomfortable » Continue Reading

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