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Another Cool Website I found

So I was surfing the web earlier, and I discovered a website called EveryNoise. It's essentially a website that contains every microgenre of music you can possibly think of. A big portion of those microgenres are music from other countries (hell, even other cities), which makes sense since music is a big part of culture. Each microgenre has its own Spotify playlist of 100 songs so you can get a feel for the music and save the songs you like. 

If you click 'list' on the homepage, you can see a list of every microgenre, click on one of them, and sort that list by what sounds most like that microgenre, and you probably won't expect what comes up.


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I have just found out that the site is pretty much gone. The link goes to an archival version of EveryNoise, so you can still listen to music there, but some features no longer work.

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