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How I got Music To Autostart on Profile!!

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

So I see a lot of people asking how to add songs  that automatically plays when you go to the profile. I went to soundcloud (on a laptop or computer) picked the song I wanted. and clicked the share button click on where it says EMBED make sure you toggle off AND THEN BACK ON the autoplay option then copy and paste the code to your profile I'd say put it in the music section to be safe Hope This He... » Continue Reading

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Small Codes & Things I know

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

Hey ya'll A lot of you have been asking me how to do a couple things like how I've done on my page and left in comments. so I'm gonna run down a list of the little ones I know lol. Some of it comes naturally to me because as a kid I spent a lot of time on the computer. A lot of time on myspace lol. I was born in 89' So I saw Myspace start and end. Decorating our pages was like the big thing back i... » Continue Reading

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All Of Us (somewhat based on Will Smith & Jada's blended family)

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

So I spent the last couple of weeks watching UPN Networks ALL OF US Its a show starring Daune Martin , LisaRaye , Khamani Griffin , Tony Rock & Elise Neal Let me start by saying this show is said to be loosely based on Will and Jada Smith blended family experience.  If this is true ... Tuh I can see why Will look so stressed out now lol.  Just kidding. Duane plays Robert who is dealing with a divo... » Continue Reading

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Answer this Please?

Category: Life

 How many times have you said I Love You today? » Continue Reading

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Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

So I've been doing this thing where I tend to watch all the shows I would just catch random episodes of but this time in order. like from episode one all the way down to the end. You know those shows you tend to only put on the television when the shows you really want to watch aren't on. Like USA not running a Special Victims Unit marathon or nothing so you gotta settle for the random episode of ... » Continue Reading

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