So I've been doing this thing where I tend to watch all the shows I would just catch random episodes of but this time in order. like from episode one all the way down to the end. You know those shows you tend to only put on the television when the shows you really want to watch aren't on. Like USA not running a Special Victims Unit marathon or nothing so you gotta settle for the random episode of Martin or Saved By the Bell or something.

Yeah well I took it upon myself to just maybe take the time out to blog about them for others .. You know incase they get interested and wanna pick up a new OLD show. I started at first with Girlfriend & Moesha. Currently I'm finishing up All Of Us. Instead of just watching these shows for nothing why not blog about them and what my opinion on the shows are and how some of my perspectives have changed watching the shows years later (you know not too many years cause I ain't THAT old)

Are there any shows you guys would like to recommend me watching ...
any shows you'd like to watch from beginning to end now?

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There are so many shows I'd like to watch. I just never find time. I usually wait until the show is finished before i start because i hate waiting for new seasons. By the time they make a new one, ive forgotten everything lol

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If you're in the mood for something plot-based, I suggest Gargoyles -- for a Disney show it gets very dark and it's very continuity-heavy (in the 90s, very rare indeed). The first two seasons kick ass; the third, don't watch (the execs mangled it beyond belief and the original creator/writers were basically forced out; one of them resumed the real story in comic book form later on).

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Pacy <3

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I did this a while ago with the tv show bones. It was always on but I would only catch parts of episodes as a young child. It was a great show and so I definitely recommend bones!

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Oh thanks so much! I've actually always heard it was a good show. I'm gonna add this to my list

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Ok cool thank for taking my suggestion!

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