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All Of Us (somewhat based on Will Smith & Jada's blended family)

So I spent the last couple of weeks watching UPN Networks

Let me start by saying this show is said to be loosely based on Will and Jada Smith blended family experience.  If this is true ... Tuh I can see why Will look so stressed out now lol. 
Just kidding.

Duane plays Robert who is dealing with a divorce from his ex wife NeeSee who is played by LisaRaye all while raising their child Bobby together who is played by Khamani. Robert find himself involved with a teacher from Bobby school named Tia played by Elise Neal & funny ass Tony Rock? He plays Roberts best friend since sandbox days.

Now. My opinion on the show?
It seemed like to me four seasons of unrealistic things happening in divorce and relationships with a twist of funny and hurry up and do it already. LOL I know that doesn't make much sense but I'm going to go a little into detail about it without giving you all the details about the show in case you'd like to indulge.


Robert and Neesee going through a divorce that isn't actually a divorce. 
Tia .. being the "omg but he a good man who cares if his ex-wife/baby momma keep invading our personal space and life I'mma just cry and stay"
Dirk - STAR OF THE SHOW. He's the reason was show was so funny to me. 

Dirk ended up getting a daughter written in for him ... Third season she was played by one of the glee girls ... four season they switched her out for a completely different girl .. both acted very lovely just was strange to see but also something Ive seen done plenty of times before.

Four seasons of waiting for Robert and Neesee to slip up, do something. They done saw each other naked. Ruined dated, engagements, jobs, apartments the whole damn nine with and for each other but don't have not one slip up of sex a kiss nothing until the entire show is over. like literally 5 secs before the end of the entire show.

Not very realistic to me but also .... idk makes me wonder
is Neesee Jada 
is Duane Will? 
HMM you guys should leave theories.

It was nice to see some familiar faces in the show like Will Smith, Debbi Allen, Terri J Vaughn, Megan Good and Kevin Hart and many more

Some of them didn't play significant roles but all really good.
Kevin Hart might've been my favorite one.

All in all I think it was a pretty good show, again just didn't think it seemed ver realistic. Seemed like two grown adults who literally let their child decide literally everything about the lives they was going to have, from where they lived to who they dated so on and so on.

Good pass time show if all the shows you really into aren't in season lol.

Honestly tho, still can't believe its loosely based on Will and Jada ...
mostly cause like doing the math

That Math is actually Mathing to me now.

Hope you all enjoy'd

Feel free to recommend a show or two
Next up ... Moesha ?

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💕BritBrat💕's profile picture

I've watched bits and pieces of this show. Now I'm going to have to binge watch the whole series. Just so I can get the bigger picture. Let me find out this is linked up to how Jada and Will's relationship is. I just dk what I'd do lol

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lol same
the show was way crazier then I thought
I always use catch pieces of it
Thats why I decided to watch
Lol its super funny though
So I hope you enjoy
& thanks for reading
that's exactly why I wanted to blog about shows I watch
so people can decide if it's something they wanna even watch.

by Sunny Banks; ; Report

That’s amazing girl. Keep it going, though I watch so many damn show as is lol. I’m definitely going to add this to my big book of shows to watch.

by 💕BritBrat💕; ; Report

ReArnna Renee

ReArnna Renee's profile picture

Big sky on Hulu. I just started watching it and I’m hooked

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𝐿𝒾𝓋 ᥫ᭡

𝐿𝒾𝓋 ᥫ᭡'s profile picture

Moesha! and Maid on netflix.

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OOhhhh yes I love maid!!

and I could totally relate
That one might come before Moesha lol

by Sunny Banks; ; Report