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she/her, 15, 🇵🇭🇨🇳🇩🇪, DM ME!!!!!

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Erei Song of the Derei (song of the day) archive post

Category: Music

(See  this blog  for more details! Most of the time my choices have good reasoning, other times I just kinda go "this  is it." All of the links are primarily Spotify unless otherwise specified, alternative youtube links are provided at the end of each entry though!) 2/11/24 this day I quickly made a song in like 1-2 hours (it's a little repetitive) and put it as the sotd,, sorry for the self » Continue Reading

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reintroduction to me!!

Category: Blogging

hai my old intro was really outdated so i'm redoing it :3 my name is Erei!! (you can call me strawb and/or eritsia as well) i have osdd 1-b (diagnosis in progress) and i'm 15 years old. i go by she/her but like if you refer to me as he or something i won't get mad and i might not even correct you, just as long as you don't use they/them on me ^_^ i'm actually so silly but i make kms and kys jokes ... » Continue Reading

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erei song of the derei 2/13/24

Category: Music

hai chat!! Fly Octo Fly from the Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion DLC (youtube link)  is today’s song of the day… I know that seems like a weird choice but believe me when I say this song is genuinely so good. Before I even played the DLC I still loved it. It’s so happy » Continue Reading

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Erei Song of the Derei (song of the day) 2/12/24

Category: Music

hello! :3 i have a thing in a discord server where i choose 1 or 2 songs daily to put as the song of the day and thought i should bring it over here as well!! that being said, this post will only contain todays sotd, but i'll make an  archive post with all of the other ones as well. that being said... hai chat!! (2/12/24) » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

hai my sschool unblocked spacehey :3 » Continue Reading

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