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The Social Dilemma

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

Anyone else watched this? Thoughts? » Continue Reading

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For Those Not Aware

Category: Blogging » Continue Reading

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Waking up from Creative Dreams... trying to remember the details...

Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

Ugh it's been a while since I had a musically-centric creative dream, but even then after jumping up from my sleep and grabbing a recorder / notepad to draft out the dream I'm never fast enough to remember it all. LOL oh well... This all I could muster up compared to the fluid efficiency presented via dream. Yes, it's a rap. Let me tell you a story about a girl named Desire  (can't remember the re... » Continue Reading

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Kudos...? - Modernizing Retro Tech

Category: SpaceHey

Was Kudos a MySpace thing I can't remember, but what is the purpose of kudos? Honestly a key focus on some of the original feature set by MySpace that does not delve into the Facebook, Reddit, Twitter territory makes more sense.  The main draw of this entire set is the nostalgia. The modernization of certain features really depends on how the community perceives if the nostalgia is being upheld pr... » Continue Reading

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Slowly moving in...

Category: Blogging

...tweaking profile... tweaking... finished one day. *goes back to sleep* » Continue Reading

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The mySPACE Experience

Category: Blogging

60% - People trying to be discovered with their music. 30% - People trying to hook up with each other or is that the 60%? 5%   - Your browser crashing because someone had too many animations on their page. 4%   - Don't look to deep into these statistics even if most of it's truthful. 1%   - The End. » Continue Reading

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