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"Nothing rn but once in grade 6 I got a 13% on a test "

Alanna (she/her) 17 (04), lesbian, INTJ 5w6, Cancer

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Aicha is the hottest person in the world

Category: Religion and Philosophy

My friend Aicha (aichaluvscats) is literally the best person in the world she is literally so pretty she might be the prettiest person alive. this is totally me saying this not Aicha I am NOT held at gunpoint I am saying this with my own free will. these are my words. they are actually not opinions they are facts. sure beauty is subjective BUT AICHA IS BEAUTY so that does not apply to her. Beauty ... » Continue Reading

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Category: News and Politics

I got high for the first time yesterday and my one of my main symptoms was everytime I had to fart I fully thought I was gonna shit my pants. The person I was smoking with was very experienced, had smoked with hundreds of people and said I’m literally the first person they’ve seen have that symptom. Does literally anyone else get this, help » Continue Reading

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Micheal Cera

Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

This one time I had a dream that was like a trailer for a movie where micheal cera played a guy trying to recconect with his estranged teenage daughter and his daughter was estranged because he named her after his favourite flavour of milkshake, penis. And she was all like "why would you name me penis dad I hate you, this is why I left you to live with mom" and he was all like "I'm sorry I still l... » Continue Reading

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Brain queef

Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

Today my teacher said brain fart and I was like damn what if people just started saying brain queef instead like imagine talking to someone and they just say aw man I just brain queef » Continue Reading

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Invisible Man

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

So I was thinking, and invisible man (from hotel Transylvania), he's like invisible right, and it's presumed that his ejaculate is also invisible since you can't see it through his balls right. So my question is hypothetically would he just be able to like jerk off whenever wherever? And if so since his cum is invisible and i'm pretty sure you're able to feel invisible man, would you hypotheticall... » Continue Reading

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The movie musical Cats :(

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

Hey everyone! I'm ashamed to have to admit this and saddened that it has come to this, but I would have had to come clean eventually. So here it goes, I have never seen the movie musical cats and have absolutely no emotional affiliation to it. There I said it. That feels really good to get off my chest and I deeply apologize to anyone I may have hurt. » Continue Reading

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