Invisible Man

So I was thinking, and invisible man (from hotel Transylvania), he's like invisible right, and it's presumed that his ejaculate is also invisible since you can't see it through his balls right. So my question is hypothetically would he just be able to like jerk off whenever wherever? And if so since his cum is invisible and i'm pretty sure you're able to feel invisible man, would you hypothetically be able to feel his cum too. Now this leads to the big question, if someone like leans on a table or something somewhere and feels something invisible and sticky would they be like ew invisible man was jerking off in public onto the table again like a fucking perve, and is this canon in the hotel Transylvania universeΒ 

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Ok yes but hear me out, assuming invisible man has invisible everything like all body juices ig liek jizz sweat saliva piss shit, etc so he just does anything he wants and he decides to jizz on someone they'll be like "oh shit I think it's starting to rain" like everyone would be ignorant and confused and invisible man just messes with everyone for all of eternity, shitting in random spots, pissing in peoples drinks, spitting at people, and everyone would be so confused because they can smell everything and taste everything but it's invisible so they think they're going insane because they're stupid and don't realize they can hold the shits but everything else they can't distinguish what they're feeling or tasting actually exists or if it's on their head

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That’s actually so smart, like invisible man is walking around being an absolute menace to society

by Alanna; ; Report

EXACTLYYY- me if I were invisible man or rather invisible woman

by π•΅π–Žπ–“π–“; ; Report


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what if the ectoplasm from the ghosts there is actually just all invisible jizz

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Oh my god you’re so right, that makes a lot of sense

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i just want you to know that this post single handedly made me so disgusted, that i actually reacted.
I dont know what goes through ur head and after this post im not sure if i want to know or if i just want to block you.

Please never post this anywhere else for the sake of peoples sanity.

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Fair enough

by Alanna; ; Report