Micheal Cera

This one time I had a dream that was like a trailer for a movie where micheal cera played a guy trying to recconect with his estranged teenage daughter and his daughter was estranged because he named her after his favourite flavour of milkshake, penis. And she was all like "why would you name me penis dad I hate you, this is why I left you to live with mom" and he was all like "I'm sorry I still love you, please just give me a chance I can prove that I'm a good dad" That was like the whole plot it went on for a way too long and at one point I became micheal cera and it was really sad, I was constantly on the verge of crying. Also he was like really into penis flavoured milkshakes at his favourite penis milkshake place which was just a regular diner with no sexual undertones. Since this was merely a trailer, there was no conclusion, I don't know what happened with penis and her dad in the end. Did they recconect? Did penis file a restraining order? I'll literally never know and neither will any of you

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