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"I'm a lot of halves."

22, Puertorican, Bi demiaceflux demiro. Writer and Artist.

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Could I have the tism?

Category: Life

Firstly, I start this blog by saying that a lovely person confessed to my dms they read my blogs, and that is so sweet, I'm not much of a blog person, but I'll keep that in mind. I'm a writer, so that sort of support means a lot to me. I know you're reading this, and if you are... Tysm for ur feedback » Continue Reading

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The Present of Essence

Category: Writing and Poetry

Life is a gift, the gift is the present. Although not asked for by many, it's a chain you must carry. Don't waste it, don't resent it, it's one time you're sentient. Because once you're done, you're dead But your legacy will still be there. Your essence, memor » Continue Reading

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The people in here are really nice :)

Category: SpaceHey

Haven't seen anyone insulting each other and people are more than willing to help. I rate it 10/10. » Continue Reading

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I Don't Want You Any Longer

Category: Writing and Poetry

Just say it. You're not leaving because you need some time alone, you're leaving because you're tired of us, your disposable friends. » Continue Reading

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Eating with Company, and why is so symbolic

Category: Food and Restaurants

Don't expect professionalism here, I decided to make this place more like a personal journal and here it is. Now, to jump onto the topic. I know many families are forced to eat together at dinner, so probably this doesn't apply to them. But personally, as someone who has stopped eating with her family together each and single dinner, I feel now that ea » Continue Reading

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It is I, Nara, ranting about websites and aesthetic.

Category: Blogging

I really like that this place is all about customization. I miss it y'know? I mean, I didn't spend enough time when the internet was all about being yourself and sh*t because I was too young, but I caught a glimpse and enjoyed a few fast years from it. It kinda sucks now that nowadays bc internet is so common now, everything is about money, ads, and "minimalism". It sucks, because everything looks... » Continue Reading

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