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I like to Catfish pedos on discord for fun

Category: Blogging

  There was this one time where I got this polish guy to message using an emo girl's photo. First 3 messages he offered me his steam account with like 200+ games. Not even joking I'm being fr about that.  I think we was 26-36, he at least looked it. In return he wanted me to be his 15 yr old emo dommy mommy. He straight got turned on by me fake messaging shit like "you're a good boy" or "my little... » Continue Reading

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late night post

Category: Life

  I've reached a state of isolation/depression where I'm just kind of manic. I don't think there's a better way to describe it, Not fully but kind of.  Sleep is the cousin of death and whatever the hell I'm experience mentally is the child of death cuz I'd rather deal with its cousin. » Continue Reading

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Wanna Start A Spacehey trans/nonbinery Community?

Category: SpaceHey

  I've been looking for trans communities online and I realized there isn't really a centralized trans community on Spacehey so like... why not start one? I'd start it'd myself but a community of 1 person isn't really a community at all so anyone interested? I think it'd be a good idea to start one because there are so many people that fall under the trans (Including the non-binery Umbrella) umbre... » Continue Reading

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Did Cartons Of Milk Actually Exist? Genuinely...

Category: Food and Restaurants

  I've seen jugs of milks cuz that's what milk is now to me and I've seen bags of milk with my own eyes outside of a picture but did cartons of milk actually exist? Like its weird but I feel like its a weird joke or a prank to say milk came in cartons. The concept of cartons of milk is either extremely foreign to me or I'm right and it was just a weird joke/prank. » Continue Reading

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I Recently Played Half Life 1 For The First Time And WOW!

Category: Games

   A few days ago I finished Half life 1 and damn it was impressive as fuck even for its age. I always heard people talk about how great Half Life was so I decided to get it and after playing the first game I am already Wowed. I mean this game came out in the fall of 1998 and it still impressed me today. I'm surprised people's heads didn't blow the fuck off from how amazing it was cuz literally ev... » Continue Reading

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