Did Cartons Of Milk Actually Exist? Genuinely...

  I've seen jugs of milks cuz that's what milk is now to me and I've seen bags of milk with my own eyes outside of a picture but did cartons of milk actually exist? Like its weird but I feel like its a weird joke or a prank to say milk came in cartons. The concept of cartons of milk is either extremely foreign to me or I'm right and it was just a weird joke/prank.

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I buy Lucerne, and it comes in cartons at the grocery store I go to, which is a big chain in the US. So I'm pretty sure milk in cartons is pretty common, but because most people's use of milk is typically a gallon or more a week, most tend to not buy cartons, which tend to be smaller than gallons.

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Did your schools never have those tiny cartons of milk?

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Oh shit I just remembered. I never ate lunch it was gross lol.

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Inspector Lee

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heh - of course they existed - and still do

Mostly confined these days to smaller sizes, from 8 ounces to 1 quart

In the past they also had half-gallon (2 quart) cartons but I haven't seen those for a while. The larger sizes are now all plastic jugs.

When I was a child, many years ago, gallons of milk only came in glass bottles. And I'll tell you, those were freaking heavy.

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Glass and Milk seem like a disastor

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Very thick glass. Thus, heavy. Never saw one break.
Also, we had to pay a deposit on the bottles and return them to the store, to be sanitized and reused.

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