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Poison My Psyche

Category: Writing and Poetry

Before I end this, I just need myself to know, that I am not capable, and that I need to pull back before I reach, before I get burned again, if I want a honey, I know I'm going to bee stung.  Before I begin I'd like to say I need to be better, I need to be stronger, I can't be on the floor like this with the pills of you in my hand ready to be consumed when I have yet learned how to breathe on my... » Continue Reading

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The Woman at the Castle Gates

Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

The Woman at the Castle Gates There was a brief period of time, where I believed my life was going to end in a month. High School ate me alive like a black hole ripping through space time and bringing everything together into one singularity. My depression and anxiety had combined together to form a massive Longinus that would spear through my heart. At the apex of everything that happened, she ca... » Continue Reading

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Is Love Active or Passive

Category: Writing and Poetry

When it comes to defining love, is Love actively created, or passively found? I had to think, when she told me that. It's not something to easily answer. Is the pursuit of love, meant to be stopped once you've found someone that you believe is a suitable partner. Is there something to be found between two people once the chase is over? I reached a point of question, wondering if, love can really j... » Continue Reading

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