The Woman at the Castle Gates

The Woman at the Castle Gates

There was a brief period of time, where I believed my life was going to end in a month. High School ate me alive like a black hole ripping through space time and bringing everything together into one singularity. My depression and anxiety had combined together to form a massive Longinus that would spear through my heart. At the apex of everything that happened, she came to me in my dreams and part of me cannot tell if everything was a fabrication created by my already injured mind or a prophecy by the universe, placed in front of me as a jest. I saw it in my dream before me, it had felt so real and I remembered so much, and felt every piece that when I woke up to my hollow heart, I was convinced reality itself was a dream. A castle, surrounded by an old timey gate, the world had no sky but a strange fog like cloud, setting the grey tone over everything, as I had approached the gate, it was like memories that weren't my own. It was there I saw her, the woman at the castle gates. She came in an ethereal dress, holding a basket, and before me she sat. There was no way through the gates, I tried everything, for some reason, a strange sadness overtook me, it was like I knew her, it was like I missed her, like i had left her behind for so long. She told me, she'd stay waiting at the gates, and for me to go back until it was time for me to return. Oh how I wanted to return, but I did go back, and after walking a certain amount of time...I woke up. Was that my castle? Was that my home? Who was she.....Who was I?


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