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My best friend is talking to the boy I like more than me, AITA?

Category: Life

Excuse my grammar or any spelling mistakes, I am just jotting this down. So, starters- my life has been very hectic recently with my father leaving me, starting a new school, and moving. My best friend is aware of all of this, and I haven't really received much comfort. I introduced her to a boy who I've been talking to for 2 years and they've been getting along which I am really happy about and I... » Continue Reading

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Small Rant

Category: Writing and Poetry

I make characters and write stories constantly because I want to be another person- I am in a different world, I am a different person. Every time I realize I cannot be everything I want to be It makes me want to claw at my skin and tear it off.  » Continue Reading

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A message to people who vape.

Category: School, College, University

I don't care if you vape but if you vape in school  stalls you're doing too much. I need to shit so hurry it up. Sometimes If there is an open stall and I am pissing I hear giggling like WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO IN A BATHROOM? I need to go. It genuinely infuriates me that vaping is the only thing about your personality. please, grow up.  Nobody thinks your quirky or cool.  » Continue Reading

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