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A message to people who vape.

I don't care if you vape but if you vape in school stalls you're doing too much. I need to shit so hurry it up. Sometimes If there is an open stall and I am pissing I hear giggling like WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO IN A BATHROOM? I need to go. It genuinely infuriates me that vaping is the only thing about your personality. please, grow up.  Nobody thinks your quirky or cool. 

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mateo ༊*·˚

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FRRR like i had to hold in my fucking piss for minutes cause this girl that went to the bathroom before me was fucking VAPING. I FUCKING HATE VAPES FOR THIS REASON.

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litch agree... some of my friends vape and yea i cant do much about that its personal choice but sometimes the bathrooms get CLOSED because people HOTBOX THE SHIT OUTTA THEM!! like cmon bro i need to piss, what else am i gonna use the toilets 4???

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Actual Acorn

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I'm so old but I can't believe people still vape in school

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i very much agree!

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