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My best friend is talking to the boy I like more than me, AITA?

Excuse my grammar or any spelling mistakes, I am just jotting this down.

So, starters- my life has been very hectic recently with my father leaving me, starting a new school, and moving. My best friend is aware of all of this, and I haven't really received much comfort. I introduced her to a boy who I've been talking to for 2 years and they've been getting along which I am really happy about and I am not worried about them getting together or them betraying my trust. But she has been talking to him more than me and has been leaving me on opened. Yesterday we got in an argument over needles and PINS. To summarize it she got mad cause I thought we were joking but she took it seriously and left the call. I was not going to beg for her to come back because I thought we were joking, and she took it way too far. Spencer told me she has been upset which I was not aware about because she hasn't been talking to me, but she knew that I've been struggling, if she is not going to take my feelings into consideration why should I take hers into consideration? Then I get on my game today and see them playing together but shes left me on read. I would get into more detail but my hands are shaking and I am too stressed to get into it. please give advice.

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