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Category: Blogging

*howls at the moon*~ k-kitten run!!! *~ my eyes turn red-* OW! OWAHOOOO RAHHHH*- my body turns into a wherewold-* A-AHOOOOOOO!! *- i kill you ass you run away-* AHOOOOOQQ *- i becum my normal self.. *_ k-kitten?... where are you?...*- i see y » Continue Reading

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Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

it's Edd goulds birthday on the 26  and I think I wrote something like this back then I just didn't post it. Anyway Edd inspired me to draw and millions of others and he passed away 1989-2012 anyway HAPPY B DAY!!!!the he made the webshow Eddsworld. » Continue Reading

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Irl friends

Category: Friends There really kool Soo uhh add them if you want » Continue Reading

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