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hi friends ♡

Category: Friends

i get so excited when i check here and i finally have a notification....it just makes my day!!!! i miss being on here. i just idk. when i post bullitens no one ever sees them or interacts with them. which like idk why that's an issue to me? i just want attention i guess lols but anyway thank you for sending me friend requests!!!!!!! it makes me so so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎ » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

HI!!!!!!! i forgor abt this platform....i have been thinking like "hmmm wow i think it would be cool to have a little blog that i can post my life on" and then i REMEMBERED I HAVE SPACEHEYYYY!!!!!!!!! H E Y Y Y Y S P A C E H E Y ! ! ! ! ! (i just spent an embarrassing amount of time coloring that omg T_T) life has been so mid. but anyway i noticed that umm i havent been on spacehey in like a year ... » Continue Reading

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stranger things ramble !!! SPOILERS

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

GUYS. recently i finally started watching stranger things and i adore it soooo much >w < !!!! im on s2 ep3!! i lowkey hope upside down billy stays...i hate billy. like i hate him so much i cant even see him as attractive it's so hard to UGH!!!! but like im just kidding. the the shadow monster inside billy can DIE it can go away forever!!!!!! BOOOO MONSTER >:( it should go to hell. LOL imagine how ... » Continue Reading

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Category: Music

I LOVE HER. OMG. if u don't know who she is she's an mlp character that's literally there for only 1 episode but i love her sm. she literally had sm character development in that single episode. i stan her so hard. she has a gorgeous voice and it gives me chills. listening to her rn!!! "the magic inside" is my fav. there's also "the spectacle" but i really like this one more. it's about how she re... » Continue Reading

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