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HI!!!!!!! i forgor abt this platform....i have been thinking like "hmmm wow i think it would be cool to have a little blog that i can post my life on" and then i REMEMBERED I HAVE SPACEHEYYYY!!!!!!!!!


(i just spent an embarrassing amount of time coloring that omg T_T)

life has been so mid. but anyway i noticed that umm i havent been on spacehey in like a year so yah life has definitely updated a lot since then. ummmm i have a better relationship with God now so thats good.....i might have a boyfriend (its complicated,, yk?)......im not super chronically online anymore.....and uhhhhmmm im a little less gay than i was a yr ago?? i think i was pan but now i am bi :3 HAPPY PRIDE BTW!!!! TEEHEE

speaking of pride....UGH there r so many fun-looking pride events in my area and ever since i yk officially labeled myself and joined the community ive wanted to go to a pride event....but i kinda went back in the closet so i definitely wouldnt wanna like. get "caught" at a pride event :( i already came out last year like everywhere so it was basically common knowledge that i was gay. i go to a christian school btw. so umm ya. but my confidence in my relationship with God and in myself have rlly gotten worse since last year so i decided to go back in the closet. its kinda uncomfortable bc i used to make jokes abt it a lot and now whenever i think of something funny its so painful to not share LMAO

so yeah :D HEY PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! idk how often i will blog and whatnot but i am back c:

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