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Project Electrolife (Chapter 1)

Category: Writing and Poetry

Decided to upload this here as well, especially since I think some of you guys might like it. Project Electrolife is a 2nd Person POV involving a city that is DEFINITELY not what it looks like, some body horror and some commentary on Capitalism and Fear of the Unknown... and maybe some half-mechanical half-organic horrors thrown in for good measure. Despite this, it's not necessarily a horror nove... » Continue Reading

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Favourite cryptid/ Folklore creature?

Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

Title says everything. My favourites are the Jersey Devil, Tripodero, Black Shuck and Beast of Bray Road. (Please don't mention those two spirits that belong to Indigenous People's culture and have been incorrectly treated as "cryptids" for a while now.) » Continue Reading

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Lochfolk adopts

Category: Art and Photography

All of them are currently available for adoption. Make sure to go to my Tumblr (octahedral-chaos) for updates on them. Rules Please don't resell them for any real-world currency. This includes crypto, NFT and other digital currencies. All of the designs are trade-to-adopt. Basically draw something for me and you'll get the reference without any watermark. Please either DM or comment to start the t... » Continue Reading

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Meet Goofball Vir the... Sparklepari?

Category: Art and Photography

Goofball isn't actually a Pari, in fact, it doesn't even belong in Genshin Impact! It's actually some sort of sapient Computer virus (most likely Trogan Horse) that was around during the 2000's. It originally infected sketchy copies of a now forgotten MMO. But after said MMO got deleted and forgotten, it somehow managed to infect other games until settling on Genshin (For now). Some says that if y... » Continue Reading

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I made a new Sona! Meet Puppet!

Category: Art and Photography

Puppet is a lochfolk and uses they/it pronouns! They love the arts, exploring and puppetry, and it's very curious and creative. It has a pet thylacine hydro mimic named Marionette. ... I should mention that whenever I'm old enough and have enough confidence and money , they'll be used as my Vtuber model! » Continue Reading

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My sonas!

Category: Art and Photography

Well, I guess I can show off all my sonas that I used!  » Continue Reading

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Update I guess?

Category: Blogging

Hello everyone! I'm thinking about maybe posting my art and stuff here as well. » Continue Reading

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