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"i love being harassed! (sarcasm.)"

i need my little treats...(23,they/it)

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Category: SpaceHey

i don't care your opinions on discourse but do any of you genuinely think this is okay to say to somebody? making these wild assumptions about my life based on literally nothing other than the fact i am anti-harassment. you guys don't even know what i ship, if i even have any ships rn, nothing. also, implying i ship as a coping mechanism is really funny to me. dunno why, it just made me laugh. i d... » Continue Reading

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thinking about tonetags again

Category: Blogging

AND HOW MUCH THEY SUCK seriourly, why do they even exist? i feel patronized and infantilized whenever someone feels the need to put /gen or /pos at the end of a compliment or something. why would you need to specify you were being genuine? it's just going to make me suspicious whenever you don't put /gen in the future. plus, for a supposed "accessibility tool for autism" they... really are not acc... » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

i'm going to call it frontstuck because usually none of us but the host front for more than a day and i know i am not the host. it sucks because i don't know why i'm out and i keep trying to talk to the others but nobody is around so i'm just stuck. none of our accounts feel like mine but i don't want to make my own because. i don't know it would take too much work to set everything up and i might... » Continue Reading

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callout culture is incredibly funny.

Category: Blogging

i found a promo via tumblr (btw, who remembers promo hour?)... the users carrd said "block me if you support [random user]" and i had never heard of this user, and i'm always down for a little drama so i decided to go check what was up. the google doc had been taken down for violating ToS, and the only claims i found on the blog were this user had posted "torture p*rn" with """proof""" so cropped ... » Continue Reading

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