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i don't care your opinions on discourse but do any of you genuinely think this is okay to say to somebody? making these wild assumptions about my life based on literally nothing other than the fact i am anti-harassment. you guys don't even know what i ship, if i even have any ships rn, nothing.

also, implying i ship as a coping mechanism is really funny to me. dunno why, it just made me laugh. i do draw though. all of the things i've made this year and last are on my website linked on my profile.

i'm not going to pull the whole "i am being oppressed for being profic!1!1!!" because i am not. this is the most online slapfight i have ever been a part of. but i have genuinely been the victim of death threats and ableism because of nothing more than the fact that i don't care what other people get up to, and if i do have issues with them, i block and report without engaging. you do realize looking up and engaging with content that you find upsetting (this goes for both pro- and anti-) is a form of self harm, right?

tl;dr: i wouldn't be in the "please stop sending me death threats" club if people didn't keep sending me death threats.

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