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"Drawing, voice acting, some stuff"

The Teen from New York City. Existed for 20 years. Bisexual :P

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_-(ART DUMP!)-_

Category: Art and Photography

Hey how's it going, everyone? It's been a while since I made a blogpost. This blogpost is obviously gonna be in the art category. Hope you enjoy these! imma post more work later on. » Continue Reading

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-Drawpile Dumps!-

Category: Art and Photography

So me and a bunch of friends on Discord came together and we did a little drawpile for the fun of it! I decided to post it here for all to share. Also have a little sneak-peak at what I'm making :> Anyways, take care! And I love you all! ^_^ » Continue Reading

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~!About me!~

Category: Blogging

Yo! How's it going? Hope everyone's doing fine, and I hope every MS93 refugees are being safe for the time. If you may know me, I'm that guy who talks about video games and such. If you don't know me before, I'll keep this up to date for ya. I'm a bi dude that existed for 18 years, and I do some drawings on Twitter, Newgrounds, and some other places. I do a lot more stuff, but I'll have to post th... » Continue Reading

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So, MySpace 93 has died. (Officially by Jankenpopp)

Category: SpaceHey

Apparently, Windows93's own MySpace has died. If you're not aware, Jankenpopp (or Tom) has released a statement when accessing MS93 (or any links to your profile), and there's a lot of things to note with. - Jankenpopp's friends had stolen source code (what makes the site functional) and passwords, which explained at some time, when going to the website and logging in, which then asks you to chang... » Continue Reading

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I've been having, weird dreams...

Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

I've been always fascinated about my own dreams, that whenever I wake up, I go to my desktop, and write down the dreams I have on Notepad or on my piles of paper that I have on my desk with some visions of what I saw in them. Now I know it's like some Yume Nikki type deal, but hear me out. Even if the character in that game, "Madotsuki", had some interesting (yet nightmarish dreams), mines have be... » Continue Reading

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Hey! New post + upcoming art thing

Category: Art and Photography

Hey, doods n doodettes! This is my first time posting here, so I'm gonna say one thing and that is hey everyone. How are you all doing in this fine time? I'm doing great as of now. I was getting back into drawing as like a fun hobby, as I usually do. Right now I'm just coloring a sketch that I gotten to work for 2 weeks ago, and I like how it came out with. Right now, I'm just trying to test out h... » Continue Reading

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