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So, MySpace 93 has died. (Officially by Jankenpopp)

Apparently, Windows93's own MySpace has died. If you're not aware, Jankenpopp (or Tom) has released a statement when accessing MS93 (or any links to your profile), and there's a lot of things to note with.

-Jankenpopp's friends had stolen source code (what makes the site functional) and passwords, which explained at some time, when going to the website and logging in, which then asks you to change your password

This is understandable due to password breaches. If you use the same password for many other sites, it's best for you to change them, and try to give them unique passwords that are different. I have done that before.

-Janken wanted to stop the website if the member reaches to 100k before.

This was during when a TikTok user posted a video about MySpace 93. I have no hatred to anyone on TikTok, they're weird, quirky, and whatnot. Hell, I'm weird, but that's just me (and on my Twitter, which, take caution before proceeding there)

-Janken will release the source code in 3 weeks for those that want to continue the adventures of MySpace93 as open source

This means that it'll continue on, and MySpace93 will live on in our hearts. However, if you're a computer dude like me and you want to make your own, you'll also have to host a server. Not so sure if hosting the server on GitHub would count, but you COULD try. If you have no knowledge about Open Source technologies, or anything, well I don't blame ya.

Anyways, if you're a MySpace 93 user, reading this blog, I don't blame ya. At least you can have my understanding about the situation. There's a group that's for MySpace 93 refugees that you can join, right here.

Anyways, I'll be out. See ya!

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