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I miss the old internet

Category: Blogging

i was watching a video made by someone and he was discussing how he misses the old internet and I agree, especially with his point that nowadays there's just this mob mentality on social media of subscribing to a set of beliefs. like yeah back then you have opinions and beliefs but everyone still felt like an individual? you can have contradicting beliefs. people aren't quick to jump someone becau... » Continue Reading

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Doodles for my Cartoon

Category: Art and Photography

Lunar Shift (11/03/2023) Some spaceship concepts for my characters. It's based on an ant because I wanted to base it on some kind of scavenger animal. I started with the top left one but eventually settled on the bottom right one because it was cuter. The colors still aren't final though. While I was coming up with ideas for episodes (I won't spoil the plot), I thought of one of my characters, Kor... » Continue Reading

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My Bullet Journals So Far (And My Obsession With Notebooks In General)

Category: Writing and Poetry

My Bullet Journals So Far I notice they tend to last me 6 months. They're in chronological order from oldest to newest, top to bottom. I started this habit in October 2021! And now it's 2023. Oh how time flies. I love all of my journals. I love bullet journalling in general because it's such a flexible type of journaling. Honestly, it feels like I breezed through the second one much faster than th... » Continue Reading

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