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My Bullet Journals So Far (And My Obsession With Notebooks In General)

My Bullet Journals So Far

Three notebooks. From top to bottom there is a green one with a travel theme, a blue one with a space theme, and a lavender one with a DIY sticker on it. The notebooks get bigger from top to bottom.

I notice they tend to last me 6 months. They're in chronological order from oldest to newest, top to bottom. I started this habit in October 2021! And now it's 2023. Oh how time flies.

I love all of my journals. I love bullet journalling in general because it's such a flexible type of journaling. Honestly, it feels like I breezed through the second one much faster than the first one. Maybe I'm just getting used to it? Or maybe I'm just rambling even more in my 2nd one so I didn't have much space lol. Either way, each one is filled with doodles and collections of things I like and unfinished lists and useful things and memories. I highly recommend everyone to keep a journal. It's so satisfying to have your family ask you about a specific date and be able to just pull out your journal and go "Oh yeah that happened!"

A also highly recommend bullet journalling if it feels daunting to write long form (aka paragraphs like "Dear Diary! I did x and y today"). I love being able to just put quick bullet points about my day, but it also allows me the flexibility of writing long-winded rants if I want to, too.

Aside from my bullet journals, I also have other notebooks for my OCs and just doodling in general. I also really love bookbinding, so I'm probably gonna end up making even more notebooks for me to ultimately never use. But hey they're fun to make! The endless possibilities of what you can put in a notebook is so fun to think about, that sometimes I end up not doing any hehe.

So far I have 3 notebooks I am actively using. 1 of course being my bujo, while the other 2 is for writing and doodling. Oh yeah and of course I'm leaving my sketchbooks out of it. That would be too many notebooks for me to count

Anyways rambling over. Thanks for reading✌️

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