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☆ dear diary #1 - "reminder"

Category: Writing and Poetry

Lingering depictions of inadequate self perception only leads to gruesome if not outright deadly apathy towards oneself. I grew to understand that day by day. The new formed skin that crystalized through the gaps will forever serve as a reminder of those mistakes. Forgiveness is a must not a virtue up for mere suggestion. » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

sorry i got really depressed so i stayed off this site for a while » Continue Reading

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☆ momo's visual diary - entry#2 - "the wired"

Category: Art and Photography

⚝──⭒─⭑─⭒──⚝. ⋅ ˚̣- : ✧ : – ⭒ ⊹ ⭒ – : ✧ : -˚̣⋅ .⚝──⭒─⭑─⭒──⚝ » Continue Reading

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☆ momo's visual diary - entry#1 - "the show"

Category: Art and Photography

note: i know i said idk if ill be posting my art on here buttt i kinda want to share some of my (vent ?) artworks lol,, maybe a start of a "visual diary" ...  p.s. im sorry but these entries might be a bit of a downer most of the time,, rants-esque ?? » Continue Reading

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☆ how was ur day ? (poem by me)

Category: Writing and Poetry

its always been the same, longing for sunset drives and dreaming of clearer skies. ive been craving for the day when ill finally spit on the eyes of my own demise. but i guess right now all i can do is fester. its just ironic how i know every line  to my role in the play of self sabotage yet i refuse to relinquish my part  in my own undoing. but in short i am ok. i dont need to intellectualize eve... » Continue Reading

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