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☆ how was ur day ? (poem by me)

its always been the same,

longing for sunset drives

and dreaming of clearer skies.

ive been craving for the day when

ill finally spit on the eyes of my own demise.

but i guess right now all i can do is fester.

its just ironic how i know every line 

to my role in the play of self sabotage

yet i refuse to relinquish my part 

in my own undoing.

but in short i am ok.

i dont need to intellectualize everything.

i have a problem but right now i am ok.

i just need to remember

to think that things 

arent just black and white.

its just hard to see color

when its black all the time

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That was such a good poem! Left me speecheless.

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thank you ♡

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