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Look who came back

Category: Life

Hey all, I didn't forget about this place. I am just really bad at keeping blogs updated. So forgive me I'm doing well, just working on projects and all that. Still on Newgrounds and trying to make a move from Twitter (I will "dead name" X) and I got back into school. I think that's why I kinda abandon my blog for a while.  My summer been great tho, I got to go to an event called "Tombstone Redemp... » Continue Reading

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Spring Break and Shizz

Category: Life

Hey again, how you all doin  Spring Break just started for me and now I am free to sleep for all I want...or do whatever I want I guess lmao. I got really nothing new today besides that I been getting finally getting around to listening to more S3RL music. I have heard MTC before but just found the Different Heaven music and it's BANGIN Also gonna try to get on my animation I had storyboard a whil... » Continue Reading

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First Blog :)

Category: Blogging

The typical introduction blog. But I figured this prob be a good start. My name is Maya and welcome to my super cool blog. I heard about this site from a friend and decided Imma check it out. Been trying to get away from Twitter and Instagram cuz I don't really like them. I just wanted a blog for the fun of having a blog in a way. I make art and animations on Newgrounds, I also tend to post doodle... » Continue Reading

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