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Spring Break and Shizz

Hey again, how you all doin 

Spring Break just started for me and now I am free to sleep for all I want...or do whatever I want I guess lmao.

I got really nothing new today besides that I been getting finally getting around to listening to more S3RL music. I have heard MTC before but just found the Different Heaven music and it's BANGIN

Also gonna try to get on my animation I had storyboard a while back, hopefully to use it for class or something, just some silly stuff with my demon girl Juneau. Hopefully I can share it with everyone soon. 

(I made this last year and it's pretty lame but these are my two demon girls, Faye (Green Hair) and Juneau (Orange hair))

I'm still new to this place and all that so don't mind me if I am pretty much hiding in my own corner here
Anywho I am gonna head out, I don't really got anything new to share besides some art I did and what cause me to sleep in and miss half of my class today
(It's related to RDR2 cuz I am obsessed, but I find it adorable ok)

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