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First Blog :)


The typical introduction blog. But I figured this prob be a good start.

My name is Maya and welcome to my super cool blog. I heard about this site from a friend and decided Imma check it out. Been trying to get away from Twitter and Instagram cuz I don't really like them. I just wanted a blog for the fun of having a blog in a way.

I make art and animations on Newgrounds, I also tend to post doodles and sketches on tumblr. Even if it's never going to get me in the "starlight" that's not what I'm looking for. Just here to share my silly art.

I always had a general interest in the wild west days of the internet. The freedom of it I guess, now a days I feel like the internet became too mainstream. Everyone know trying to get into it for whatever the reason

But I am not here to ramble about that, this blog is just gonna be my general blog

I will post art here sometimes but this isn't the place for my art, NG and Tumblr are. 

BTW If you wanna see my art here da links (very shameless plug lmao)



I make epic art

Anywho I might make this blog like maybe a once every two week thing. I'm not much of a talker but if I wanna share something I'll share it. Again just wanna give this place a shot

Immma head out now, peace

(Here have some art I made on new years, need to post more on NG)

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