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Look who came back

Hey all,

I didn't forget about this place. I am just really bad at keeping blogs updated. So forgive me

I'm doing well, just working on projects and all that. Still on Newgrounds and trying to make a move from Twitter (I will "dead name" X) and I got back into school. I think that's why I kinda abandon my blog for a while. 

My summer been great tho, I got to go to an event called "Tombstone Redemption" and got to meet most of the actors from the Red Dead games (Did you know Angelo Bronte Actor actually went to my college? That's so cool)

I also went to see my friends during the summer in California once again, we had fun.

But now I am back in the stress of school and all that. Hopefully I can come back and do something here. Usually I just like writing here.

ok have a good one

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