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I am Lebron James of poetry

Category: Writing and Poetry

I'll beat yo ass of till u face falls to the floor, Yo mom is a whore.  I will make u lick my balls,  after that i will kill u and hide ur body inside my walls.  I will turn u into a dried fruit, because ur a fucking prostitute,  and u look like a mf beetroot, your death is enroute.  I will throw you off a cliff,  Then go to my methanol stash and take a sniff. I will cut yo head off and use it to ... » Continue Reading

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The story of the green poop

Category: Books and Stories

i once babysitted a kid that made a green poop in the middle of the road. (i also dropped his head on some concrete mby thats why)  i have ptsd from that poop. » Continue Reading

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My dad is William Shakespeare

Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

Your tits have just the right placement,   I hide children in my basement.  I wan't to eat you as my main course, After i beat the shit outta you like a dead horse.  My fav football team is manchester, That's because i'm a child molester. After i've killed you imma put ur body in a ice bath, because im a psycopath.  Love, Marc » Continue Reading

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Some people call me the greatest writer of this century, others call me Marc

Category: Books and Stories

This one goes out to all the pretty ladies out there ;)  You've got some beautiful eyes, and a beautiful figure. I fucking hate ni.... nevermind  All love tho dont come @ me » Continue Reading

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18 Comments— 27 Kudos

I put poetry over pretty girls

Category: Books and Stories

Roses are red, Violets are blue,  Imma chop you up, And make you into beef stew » Continue Reading

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